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111. The Merlin Effect
T. A. Barron
Price: LE 26
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
Kate Gordon has traveled all the way to San Lazaro in Baja California ot help her fathr locate the sunken remains of the Resurrection--a galleon wrecked in 1547 and believed to cradle in ...
112. The Orc King: Transitions, Book I
R.A. Salvatore
Price: LE 26
Condition: Good

Out of Stock
Drizzt is back, and facing a world changed forever!

An uneasy peace between the dwarves of Mithral Hall and the orcs of the newly established Kingdom of Many-Arrows can't last long. The orc ...
113. The Pillars of Creation (Sword of Truth)
Terry Goodkind
Price: LE 26
Condition: Fair

Out of Stock

Sequel to the New York Times bestselling Faith of the Fallen

New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind has created his most lavish adventure yet. Tormented her ...

114. The Sellsword (DragonLance: The Anvil of Time, Vol.1)
Cam Banks
Price: LE 26
Condition: As New

Out of Stock
Strike the Anvil of Time!

Vanderjack is a mercenary with a troubled past and a sword haunted by ghosts. Hired to rescue a nobleman's daughter from behind enemy lines, the sellsword finds ...
115. The Shield of Weeping Ghosts (Forgotten Realms: The Citadels)
James P. Davis
Price: LE 26
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
The past will come back to haunt them...

A group of warriors from Rashemen escorts an exiled wizard to a ruined citadel in the City of Weeping Ghosts. Once there, the wizard discovers a ...
116. The Swarm War (Star Wars: Dark Nest, Book 3)
Troy Denning
Price: LE 26
Condition: Good

Out of Stock
In the explosive conclusion to the Dark Nest trilogy, Luke Skywalker summons the heroes of the New Jedi Order from near and far, as the Star Wars galaxy teeters on the edge of eternal war. Yet even ...
117. The Sword of Shannara
Terry Brooks
Price: LE 26
Condition: Good

Out of Stock
The Sword of Shannara is the first volume of the classic series that has becomeone of the most popular fantasy tales of all time.

Long ago, the wars of the ancient Evil ruined ...
118. The Talismans of Shannara (The Heritage of Shannara, Book 4)
Terry Brooks
Price: LE 26
Condition: Good

Out of Stock
The fourth volume of The Heritage of Shannara, which continues one of the most popular fantasy series of all time.

The Shadowen still swarm over the Four Lands, poisoning everything ...
119. The Thai Amulet (Archaeological Mysteries, No. 7)
Lyn Hamilton
Price: LE 26
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
Toronto shopkeeper Lara McClintoch heads for Bangkok to search for the truth about a missing antiques dealer, with only a fifty-year-old newspaper clipping about a murder and broken terracotta ...
120. The Unbeholden (Masquerade of the Red Death, Vol 3)
Robert Weinberg
Price: LE 26
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
The breathtaking conclusion to The Masquerade of the Red Death trilogy. Time is running out for Dire McCann and Alicia Varney. Despite all efforts, ancient monsters once again walk the face of the ...
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