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171. The World of Business: From Valuable Brands and Games Directors Play to Bail-Outs and Bad Boys (The Economist)
The Economist
Price: LE 41
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
Full of fascinating facts and figures, this book is a highly entertaining look at all aspects of business, including:
  • The biggest firms
  • The biggest bankruptcies
  • Business ...
172. Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition
Michael J. Mauboussin
Price: LE 41
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
Leaders in all fields-business, medicine, law, government-make crucial decisions every day. The harsh truth is that they mismanage many of those choices, even though they have the right ...
173. Thunder from the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia
Nicholas D. Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn
Price: LE 41
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
From the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and authors of China Wakes comes this insightful and comprehensive look at Asia on the rise.

The recent economic crisis in Asia heaped ...
174. Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment
David F. Swensen
Price: LE 41
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
The bestselling author of Pioneering Portfolio Management, the definitive template for institutional fund management, returns with a book that shows individual investors how to manage their ...
175. Unlock Behavior, Unleash Profits
Leslie Wilk Braksick
Price: LE 41
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
Right now, you can start dramatically improving performance - of yourself, your employees, and your organization. Simply emulate what many other great corporate leaders are doing: apply the proven ...
176. We Eat the Mines and the Mines Eat Us: Dependency and Exploitation in Bolivian Tin Mines
June Nash
Price: LE 41
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock

In this powerful anthropological study of a Bolivian tin mining town, Nash explores the influence of modern industrialization on the traditional culture of Quechua-and-Aymara-speaking Indians.

177. What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers (2001 Edition)
Richard Nelson Bolles
Price: LE 41
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
A guide to discovering personal goals and interests explains how to apply that information toward obtaining satisfying employment
178. What's Mine Is Yours Intl: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption
Rachel Botsman
Price: LE 41
Condition: Good

Out of Stock
In the 20th century humanity consumed products faster than ever, but this way of living is no longer sustainable. This new and important book shows how technological advances are driving forms of ...
179. Why Didn't You Say That in the First Place: How to Be Understood at Work
Richard Heyman
Price: LE 41
Condition: Very Good

Out of Stock
Ever get the feeling that your coworkers don't understand you?
Misunderstanding through poor communication is rampant in theworkplace, yet most workers just shrug their shoulders and ...
180. Yes, You Can Become A Successful Income Investor!: Reaching For Yield In Today's Market
Ben Stein
Price: LE 41
Condition: As New

Out of Stock
Shows the baby boomer and those in retirement communities how to safely secure the highest possible yield from investments through fixed-income securities such as bonds, real estate investment ...
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